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  • Ananditha Amrutha
    Ananditha Amrutha

    akka why are u not making youtube vedios akka pls make them not #shorts akka pls we want to see your vedio like work from home u did right like those vedios

  • Vivek

    Pls don't make it tik tok pls make videos

  • Burra Subbarao
    Burra Subbarao

    Hi harika I love you😘😘😘

  • Srinu Yadav
    Srinu Yadav

    Hi akka Big fan of you akka my name is k.kruthika akka

  • saijyothimarketing sa
    saijyothimarketing sa

    Hi 😍😍🙏

  • Venkat Ravi
    Venkat Ravi

    But y u r not making videos

  • Ultimate scorpion yt
    Ultimate scorpion yt

    harika akka plzzz do videos

  • Narasimha Rao
    Narasimha Rao

    We are waiting for your videos please upload videos please be the same hari ka before big boss uploading videos every week

  • Sridevi Vetukuri
    Sridevi Vetukuri

    Queen of tasks , kinda paina tasks star Vachesindi cutie star

  • Radhika Varma
    Radhika Varma

    Happy Birthday to Akka🎂🎂🎂🎂🍫🍫🍫🍫😘😘😘😍😍😍

  • Tanuja talks
    Tanuja talks

    Super akka


    Akka do shorts atleast and post akka

  • giridhar singanamalla
    giridhar singanamalla

    Akka when are you making your new video we miss your telangana language please make it soon

  • Alaka Saikiran
    Alaka Saikiran

    dethadi videos anduku cheyatledu ???manchi content untunde,ippudu am levu

  • Sirisha Yada
    Sirisha Yada

    Hi harika my daughter is jus 5 yrs old and shes a huge huge fan of u! Her day will never go out without watching ur videos. She jus loves u to the core! She keeps saying u r funny and u make her laugh. Jus now she made a handmade greeting card for u. I will post it if theres an option to post here. It will make ur day for sure. Shes interested in acting in ur videos.

    • Bunny Bunny
      Bunny Bunny

      Hi Sirisha garu, if you are following Harika in Instagram you can send greeting card there. Insta I'd is @alekhyaharika_

  • Saritha G
    Saritha G

    post a new vedio akka pls pls pls

    • Bunny Bunny
      Bunny Bunny

      Hope you watched BB FRAUSTration video in Dethadi 😍. This week we will get new video and from March monthly two or three videos.. Harika is doing mini webseries now..that will going to release 😍😍

  • Padmaja Kondadasu
    Padmaja Kondadasu

    when you get a 30 seconds ad for a 15 seconds video

  • Koushik Reddy
    Koushik Reddy

    Please tell

  • Koushik Reddy
    Koushik Reddy

    Akka when is your marriage

  • Dudukuri Mahesh
    Dudukuri Mahesh

    Hi akka

  • pavani naidu
    pavani naidu

    Never mess with harika

  • lekhana manyam
    lekhana manyam

    Please upload new video fastly Ur fans are waiting

  • Kandala Sabitha
    Kandala Sabitha

    Sister u have been selected for Bigg boss4 by the vedios u have done in utube in ur channel after completion of BB4 u stopped doing weekly vedios u just uploaded vedio we are likely to see ur vedios, u shouldn't forget from where u had growth so please start doing vedios

  • Sri Bhagya
    Sri Bhagya

    Congratulations sister for insta 1 million ur so beautiful ❤️

  • Ratakondmadhavi Madhu
    Ratakondmadhavi Madhu

    Akka me lambu jambu

  • Shyam B T
    Shyam B T

    Akka videos epudu ostay tondarga upload chey plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

  • saivanshika honey
    saivanshika honey

    Congrats dhethadi harika akka👍👍🎂💐💐 💐💐

  • Shaik Mymuna
    Shaik Mymuna

    Congratulations baby😍❤


    When you will do videos

  • sama kumaraswamy
    sama kumaraswamy


  • Swarna Latha
    Swarna Latha

    Why harika still u r not doing vedio about funny sketches do vedio

  • Jv Enterprises
    Jv Enterprises

    Akka videos

  • Saradha Govardhan
    Saradha Govardhan

    congratulations harika garu

  • Ramya Myreddy
    Ramya Myreddy

    Akka short filims chey akka please akka 😑😑boring without your short filims please akka 😟😟😢😢😉

  • kunchakuri tharuni
    kunchakuri tharuni

    Congratulations akka love you so much

  • Anitha Vuyyuru
    Anitha Vuyyuru

    Cutie we are waiting for videos not the short please upload the full videos like before pretty... love youu and expecting a like from you harika cuttie 😘😘

  • Anitha Vuyyuru
    Anitha Vuyyuru

    Congratulations beauty harika fans give a like👍

  • Lavanya Lavanya
    Lavanya Lavanya

    Please do some videos d

  • ravi shankar
    ravi shankar

    Congratulations Harika

  • paper craft No. 155
    paper craft No. 155

    Make any vedio akka please

  • BABA valmiki 999
    BABA valmiki 999



    keep videos

  • Lakshmi Penkey
    Lakshmi Penkey

    Hi Akka

  • Sarojana Thadagonda
    Sarojana Thadagonda

    Videos pettu mate em pettutunav

  • kavya reddy
    kavya reddy

    Harika uploaded a video in insta go and like that video.

  • Ramesh Kera
    Ramesh Kera

    Harika akka our action

  • Kalpana K
    Kalpana K

    When is u r new video aploding

  • Virat Venu
    Virat Venu


  • Sai Asha
    Sai Asha

    Very sweet Akka

  • sriram chakka
    sriram chakka

    I have Unsubscribed dethadi channel there was no Content videos or atleast upload vlogs. Soon dethadi channel Will loose credibility If It continues like this

    • Suneetha Dahagam
      Suneetha Dahagam

      It will.... Wait and watch.... Better watch travel vlogs of common people that this shit lol😂

  • K Vikramaditya Reddy
    K Vikramaditya Reddy

    Congratulations akka.

  • dheekshika chandra
    dheekshika chandra

    Congratulations 👏🎉🎂

  • Mamtha Chavan
    Mamtha Chavan


  • Sinduja Baraju
    Sinduja Baraju

    Waiting for nobikasya interview

  • Kanukolanu Santhoshi
    Kanukolanu Santhoshi


  • Fiery Fan
    Fiery Fan

    If you see her INlabel channel since last 2 months only 10k subscribers are increased

    • Suneetha Dahagam
      Suneetha Dahagam

      Yeah.... This channel will soon lpose it's credibility

  • Swapna Rao
    Swapna Rao

    Congratulations harika

  • pasha Mohamad
    pasha Mohamad

    Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎉🎉

  • Shruthika

    Why are you not bringing the videos I am missing lot ur videos

  • Rikthika Aravind
    Rikthika Aravind

    Super harika akka ❤️💖💗

  • muthum venugopal
    muthum venugopal

    Happy birthday Harika Akka how are you enjoy the birthday Akka💐🌹🌹

  • DK channel
    DK channel

    Contracts harika Akka u have got 1 million insta

  • Aneesh cool trends Rudragowni
    Aneesh cool trends Rudragowni

    Aneesh cool trends name of channel akka iam a big fan of you akka

  • Appie Jagson
    Appie Jagson

    Harika dethadi ekada fans adikoda

  • sandhya p
    sandhya p

    Hearty congratulations for you dethadi harika

    • sandhya p
      sandhya p


  • Akula Satish
    Akula Satish

    Akka meru karthik annaya matladukoteleda

  • Ravi Kondapaneni
    Ravi Kondapaneni

    Harika akka fans

  • Nina dasari
    Nina dasari

    Congrats cutie ♥️ and njoy ur success and wishing you more🥰

  • jayasree Beede
    jayasree Beede


  • guguloth Sneha
    guguloth Sneha

    Congrats pandu akka i am big fan of u

  • Hn world
    Hn world

    Akka nenu ni fan cutie akka supr akka nuvu

  • Chakali Srinu
    Chakali Srinu


  • Badeti Nirmal Sai
    Badeti Nirmal Sai

    Akka ne fan akka.

  • Thatha Lakshmi Sai Priya
    Thatha Lakshmi Sai Priya

    *Harika You're So Cute* ❤😄

  • BVS Gaming
    BVS Gaming

    Hi Harika akka

  • Chakali Srinu
    Chakali Srinu

    Congratulations cutie pie ❤❤❤

  • Sahasra Gayathri Chintalapati
    Sahasra Gayathri Chintalapati

    congrats for 1m followers akka

  • dethadi harika fc
    dethadi harika fc

    Super duper congratulations my baby❤️❤️

  • Pedina Dinesh
    Pedina Dinesh

    Aka videos start cayi🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Kavya Sudha
    Kavya Sudha

    Congratulations Harika mam 😍🎀🎀

  • Aditya Sriram
    Aditya Sriram


  • rithika sathya
    rithika sathya

    Hi akka u are so lucky and looking cute akka 😍😍

  • shaik Lathifa
    shaik Lathifa

    Congratulations akka for 1M fans❤

  • Javeed Baig
    Javeed Baig


  • SriCharani Valeti
    SriCharani Valeti

    wow lasya manjunath also comm

  • gaddam mahendar
    gaddam mahendar

    Cutiee akka😍😍😍

  • Bikshapathi Kotagadda
    Bikshapathi Kotagadda

    Maa intlo kuda same dinning table Hit me a heart

  • Ashwini_Adda anchor
    Ashwini_Adda anchor

    Congratulations akka stay blessed lots of love ❤💖❤


    Dethadi Anna Peru Harika ki gurthipu tecchindhi alantidhi dethadi fans kosam videos cheyyakuda shorts peetentha busy aipoyindha........😔😒😒😔 Pls Videos Upload Cheyyi Akka😔😔😔😔😔

  • Narasimha Murthy
    Narasimha Murthy

    Happy Birthday Akka

  • it's Vijay
    it's Vijay

    Congrats sis

  • Jagapathi Kavya
    Jagapathi Kavya

    Pikinav thee 🙄😏

    • Prasiprathi Dahagam
      Prasiprathi Dahagam

      Same feeling

  • Dandaveni Ramchandra
    Dandaveni Ramchandra

    Akka reply

  • Dandaveni Ramchandra
    Dandaveni Ramchandra

    By the way ,congratulation for milllion insta followers

  • Dandaveni Ramchandra
    Dandaveni Ramchandra

    Akka reply

  • mamatha reddy nomula
    mamatha reddy nomula

    Congratulations harika akka

  • Dandaveni Ramchandra
    Dandaveni Ramchandra


  • Dandaveni Ramchandra
    Dandaveni Ramchandra

    Reply evvu akka

  • Dandaveni Ramchandra
    Dandaveni Ramchandra


  • Dandaveni Ramchandra
    Dandaveni Ramchandra

    Reply evu

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Blessed with baby girl or baby boy?😍
1.6 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ